How to choose the right sunglasses for your face shape

Choose by the face shape.

How to choose the right sunglasses.

Sunglasses protect your eyes and are an important fashion accessory. It not only protects your eyes from the dangerous ultraviolet rays (UV), it also highlights your style.

The sunglasses should not only be considered as a luxurious addition, but also as a must for the protection of your eyes, so your choice should always meet your expectations but also the criteria.

The sunglasses can change your style as well as your image . Are you not sure which style is right for you?

If so, then you are right here, the companion through the different styles will help you to choose the fitting version that suits you as well.

Oval face

An oval face shape looks really good with sunglasses attached, because the sunglasses emphasize the natural beauty. Due to the high cheekbones and the narrow chin all proportions should be considered. You should rather wear sunglasses that emphasize the cheekbones.

For this face we recommend the Ray-Ban RB 4184 710/51 54.

Round face

If you have a round face shape, choose a rectangular frame. Rectangular shapes stretch the face and make the face appear longer and narrower.

For this face shape we recommend the Emporio Armani EA 4033 5231/13 56.

Also take a look at the full range specs.

Trapezoidal face

In the case of a trapezoidal face, the cheekbones are wider and the face becomes narrower in the direction of the jaw. If you want to change something in the width of the face, it is better to take a socket that is wide and bright. Well, even glasses are without socket.

For this face we recommend the Gucci GG 4266 / S (J5G / JD).

Rectangular face

The rectangular face has sharp edges with a prominent forehead, prominent chin and broad cheekbones. Try oval shapes or sockets with rounded edges, such as aviator goggles. Even glasses with strong, sharp edges are suitable for this face shape.

For this face shape we recommend the Burberry 0BE 4216 3001 / 8G

Also take a look at the full range of aviator sunglasses.

Heart shaped face

The heart-shaped face is elongated, has pointed cheekbones and the chin is the smallest point in the face. The forehead is wide. Sunglasses with a strong or very narrow frame are best for this face shape.

For this face shape we recommend the Gucci GG 3712 / S (D28 / EU).